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Famous Artists and Their Paintings

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This lecture is dedicated to the world of famous artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raffael, Botticelli, Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt or Picasso. Their memorable works invite you to dream.

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We will look behind the scenes of the Mona Lisa’s smile, which has been fascinating millions of people for centuries; we’ll get to know, why one particular artist decided to depict on canvas a vast quantity of water-lilies in his garden, particularly in the early morning hours. At the same time another artist, contrariwise, was more concerned with the dark sides of life, such as horror and the dread of war, which he was able to immortalize in what is, probably, his most famous painting.

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The lecture will continue with a narration about unforgettable artists of the Golden Age of the Netherlands, and the master of his craft who, even at the age of 89, stayed at his easel and painted till the end of his life. We’ll also try to explore the artist’s heart, who for his whole life, more than anybody else struggled for general recognition, till suddenly this struggle was ended by his suicide. The most astonishing is a work of art, whose selling price reached over 450 million dollars, making it the most expensive painting in history so far.

These and many other interesting facts about famous artists and their paintings can be booked here as a lecture for listeners of the 50+generation.

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