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My Vision

Freizeitangebote für Senioren

My goal is to create leisure offerings for elderly people to make their stay at a seniors’ residence or nursing home cheerful, entertaining and lively. Whether it is an artistic presentation, a tale from history or a music paper with high quality visuals and sound material as well, as various little-known entertaining anecdotes from the lives of artists, I try to bring a breath of fresh air to seniors’ everyday routines.

Referate für Senioren

I take special pleasure in establishing a direct relationship with the audience, above all in our exciting age of digitalization. That’s why I always make sure that my talks for seniors are a dynamic and entertaining dialog in simple, easy-to-understand language, that makes an active effort to reach the generation 50+. My passion is story-telling: funny, carefree and warm-hearted stories, told with wit and humor.

Freizeitangebote für Senioren

I offer you out-of-the-ordinary ideas for afternoon get-togethers for seniors, cheerful matinees with a delicious breakfast, a welcome add-on to a board meeting or staff event, entertainment for church and town association meetings, or I can even spontaneously sub when a teacher has to unexpectedly cancel a class.

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