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Composers and Their Classical Works

Referat über klassische Musik

We’ll listen to the music of unforgettable composers, such as Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt and Bach and many others. First of all, we’ll visit probably the most famous street in Austria, where one of the most prominent composers in history grew up, a street which attracts thousands of tourists every day, even now.

Referat über klassische Musik

We’ll get acquainted with another author, who brought about a revolution in piano playing, while his musician colleague had both literary and music talent and capably used these in his works. By the way, now it is impossible to imagine, but in those times it was an absolute novelty to work to legal contracts and clear rules of performance. However, at the same time one of the most famous musicians had to work to a labor contract, since his addiction to dreaming and restaurants made the life of his customer - the church - especially problematic.

Referat über klassische Musik

The presentation also tells us about a composer, whose private life was not always smooth, notwithstanding his innumerable professional achievements. For example, when a lot of his secret love letters were found and shown to document his immortal love for the wife of another musician.

Referat über klassische Musik

However, the environment of classical music held other talents as well. So, for example, the daughter of one artist also appeared to be an innovator like her father, although in another field. She developed the first book for sewing and knitting, which at the time was a sensation!

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This and many other stories about famous composers of past epochs can be booked here as an event for the listeners in their golden years.

Other events for seniors include: famous artists and their paintings, the fascinating world of calligraphy and famous artists from Switzerland.

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