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Vortrag für Senioren

The high quality images and the sound of this presentation were very charming, pretty and often funny. This is a master of narration of unknown and unusual stories.

- R. Kousza, Glattbrugg

Referat für Senioren

Looking at the past of famous artists and their paintings wakes lovely dreams and fantasies. How was it possible to create such splendid pictures at that time? What outstanding personalities were these artists? All these I was lucky to learn from this impressive presentation.

- R. Keller, Rickenbach

Referat für Senioren

Splendid rhetoric, brisk and a humorous presentation - this is how I would describe the speech of Mr. Staudacher. A genuinely informative experience, with anecdotes, supplemented with a touch of humor. You may simply listen and take pleasure.

- Valentina Schmid, Zürich

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