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Calligraphy: Time Travel of Penmanship

Referat über Kalligraphie

Calligraphy is the high art of penmanship. From this event you will get to know many interesting, underlying aspects. Above all, there is the reason, why a script font, the famous Gothic Fraktur, is well-known and popular up to the current digital era. Thus, western modern calligraphy from the earliest times is considered to be a standard for official documents and so brings a solemn character to them. All ancient manuscripts are considered to be splendid pieces of art now.

Referat über Kalligraphie

In the good old days the art of calligraphy was taught by so called writing specialists in a writing room. We also will study the secret role of the Torah and dive into stories from Arabic calligraphy.

Referat über Kalligraphie

In the interactive part we will take a pen and ink ourselves and write letters under professional supervision. Probably, some participants will discover a brand new hobby Hand lettering. An excellent creative pursuit for seniors!

The Art of Calligraphy, optimally prepared for senior listeners, can be booked here.

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