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Swiss Artists and Their Paintings

Referat über Schweizer Maler

This event for the seniors will acquaint us with Famous Swiss Artists such as Hodler, Anker, Carigiet, Giacometti, Vallotton and Böcklin and their wonderful works.

Referat über Schweizer Maler

We will get acquainted with the Swiss artist, whose advertising posters decorated the streets of the whole of Zurich, however, he drew only derision and compassion from the locals. While pieces of art from another of his compatriots became world-famous as illustrations in children’s books in 14 different languages.

Referat über Schweizer Maler

By the way, speaking of these things, the paintings of another famous Swiss were so impressive that they got to the most prestigious world museums, where they are exhibited even now. Moreover, we will learn, why another artist painted a villa on a seashore in five different versions and through this became known throughout the world.

Referat über Schweizer Maler

We will also get to know, how one master craftsman simulated children’s scenes of early times, and we will immerse ourselves in landscapes, which fascinate with their harmony of colors. We’ll explore one Swiss artist, who made innumerable self portraits at each stage of his oeuvre and thus became, probably, the most famous artist in the country.

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These and many other facts about famous Swiss artists as a report can be booked here.

Other lectures for seniors include: famous international artists and their paintings, the fascinating world of calligraphy and renowned composers and their masterpieces of classical music.

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